Lighting Poles

Lighting Poles

Standard Lighting Poles

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Standard lighting poles consisting of one piece for a pole height of up to 12 m and more than one steel body of polygonal section for heights more than 12 m. Our pole body calculation is designed to bear maximum 4 brackets. Various types of brackets are available in our product range, the most preferred ones are following:

- Standard pipe bracket ( single, double, triple and quadruple for customer requirements)
- Curved bracket with octagonal section, R=500-2000mm (depending on customer's needs)
- Curved pipe bracket, R=500-2000mm (depending on customer's needs)

In addition, brackets of each size and form can be supplied as may be desired by the customer for decorative purposes.

Standard lighting poles are manufactured at each available size, in accordance with EN40, AASHTO, ILE, BSI CP 3, ASCE 72 standards and manuals.

High Masts

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High masts are supplied at each size and the pole is only one galvanized polygonal section steel body or more than one steel body joined by the slip-joint method. Our poles meet the customer needs of quality, safety and durability.

High masts are available in various types, which include Platform, Step bolts and Rungs, Ladder with safety cage, internal ladder, raising and lowering system types.

High masts can be supplied as single-direction, two-directions and circular multi-directional types according to floodlight orientation, depending on the customer's requirements.

Stadium Lighting Poles

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Stadium lighting poles can be supplied at any size and designed by joining more than one steel body of polygonal section up to 50 m height using the slip-joint method.

Our pole types are mainly as follows depending on the climbing system:

- Stadium lighting poles with cages ladders,
- Stadium lighting poles with internal ladders,
- Stadium lighting poles with a raising and lowering system.

High Masts With a Raising and Lowering System

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Lighting poles with a raising and lowering system are the primary pole types that are most widely used in a variety of fields such as lighting of open areas, squares and motorway intersections, parking lots, airports, aprons and harbors etc.

There is an access door and a cover at the bottom body of the pole, which may be used to intervene with the system and to protect it against outside effects, together with a panel to control the entire system. This system also makes the maintenance of the floodlights easier.

The market for high masts has considerably developed over recent years by comparing their easy use, aesthetical appearance and safety features.

Round Conical Lighting Poles

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Round conical lighting poles provide alternatives for the cases where polygonal lighting poles are not desired. These poles can be supplied in one piece with a lenght of up to 12 m and they are conical shaped.

All bracket types used in Standard lighting poles can be installed on round conical poles. Since round conical lighting poles are conic in shape, they are more economical than the poles made of pipe and more significant aesthetic appearance.

Decorative Lighting Poles

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Our decorative poles can be supplied in round conical section or polygonal section. Round poles can be in conical or cylindrical shape. Pole brackets are designed in various concepts, in forms giving significance to the aesthetics. Our round lighting poles are supplied in embedded type or as anchor bolted joint form, with galvanized coating or paint finish over the galvanizing.

Finish coating can be provided in all RAL codes upon the requirements of the customers. In addition, we have options for the base section as cast and composite, which gives emphasis to the aesthetics for the lower part of the pole.

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