Low Voltage Cables

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From single core unarmoured to multi-core armouredrncables and self-supporting cables, we can provide products for all types of lowrnvoltage power applications. These products are designed to meet the mostrnimportant international specifications, including: IEC, B.S, VDE, I.C.E.A, A.I.E.C.

Medium Voltage Cables

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We cooperate with manufacturer that already beenrnmanufacturing medium voltage cables for many years for very well known brands.rnWe supply cables that designed to meet the most important internationalrnspecifications, including I.E.C.B.S. V.D.E, I.C.E.A./A.I.E.C. These cables havernvery low electrical loss compare to their similiars and they are used in cablernducts, outdoor &indoor installations, under ground where the short circuitrnlevels are highsuch as urban and industrial areas fed by electrical energy.rnThey are also used under normal and salty water if specially produced.rnPermissible operating temperature is 90oC, permissible short-circuitrntemperature is 250oC. These cables are produced according to TS IECrn60502-2, IEC 60502-2, VDE 0276-620

High Voltage Cables

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We have experience in supplying all types of high voltage cables systems throughout the world to meet requirements of the customer with full capability.

These cables are single core PROTOTHEN-X insulated cable with stranded copper conductor, inner and outer semi conductive layers on conductor and insulation, copper wire screen, swelling tape, polyethylene outer sheath. They are produced according to special specifications. Permissible operating temperature is 90oC, permissible short circuit temperature is 250o C. (for short circuit duration up to 5 sec.)

These cables are used in urban areas where overhead cables cannot be used due to security, safety and environmental reasons. They can be used as buried, underground and/or laid in concrete ducts/PVC-PE pipes, connecting national/ international high voltage grid to transformer stations of power generating facilities

Special Cables

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We also have special cables in our product range. These cables are;

  • Ship cables
  • Control cables
  • Rubber insulated cables
  • Automotive cables
  • Elevator cables
  • Airport Runway cables
  • AFUMEX Cables

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    AFUMEX cables are the safe choice for cables in achieving the continuity of the electrical supply up to 180 minutes under fire conditions. State of art cable insulation materials and techniques are employed to provide the flame retardancy with lower toxic gas evolutions and significantly lower smoke density, thereby ensuring better visibility in the ambient during fire and ensuring safety of lives. Due to its zero halogen content, corrosive emissions into the immediate environment are totally eliminated, securing the material integrity for electrical, electronic and metal structures.

    AFUMEX cables are ideal for use in various locations where human traffic and density exist in high rises, historical buildings, hospitals and universities. AFUMEX cables are specifically developed to maximize the safety of lives and eliminate security risks at the highest level.


    1- INDUSTRY :These cables provide safety where expensive equipment or crucial processes, that should perform under fire conditions, are at risk. Control rooms, switchboards, panels, white rooms are typical applications.

    2- COMMERCIAL :A wide number of applications are covered by these cables. In the case of fire safety, people in hotels, hospitals, schools, banks, cinemas, commercial centres, offices are threatened by a number of factors and reaction time in case of an emergency can be slower than normal. AFUMEX cables provide extra time for a safe escape.

    3- INFRASTRUCTURE :Where a larger number of people congregate, often in an unfalimiar environment(such as airports, stations, stadiums, concert arenas etc.) fire becomes potentially very dangerous. AFUMEX cables guarantees the necessary level of safety, by avoiding panic-generating fumes and toxic gases.

    4- RESIDENTAL :The level of safety in our houses can be significantly increased by the use of AFUMEX cables.

    Building Wires

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    We supply a full range of low voltage building wiring products which are commonly used in residential and commercial construction wiring. PVC, AFUMEX and Fire Resistant product ranges are available, tailored to meet the requirements of national markets around the world. The building wires we offer are manufactured and tested in accordance with International Harmonised standards or local specifications.

    These cables are used in covered, dry places, in fixed plants, distibution panels, electrical equipments, factories, business areas and store rooms subject to fire and explosion danger, household appliances etc. Permissible operating temperature is 70o C for these cables.

    Aluminium Conductors

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    We supply following types of aluminium conductors:

    - ACSR(Aluminium conductor steel reinforced) is used for very high, high and medium voltage overhead transmission lines"TS-IEC 1089-CSA C49.1- ASTM B232-EN 50182 or customer standard.

    - AAC(All aluminium conductors) is used for low voltage overhead distribution lines "TS-IEC 1089- CSA C49.1-ASTM B232-EN50182 or customer standard.

    - AAAC(All aluminium alloy conductors) is used for high and medium voltage overhead transmission lines "TS-IEC 1089-CSA C49.1-ASTM B399-EN50182 or customer standard.

    - ACAR(Aluminium conductor alloy aluminium reinforced) is used for high and medium voltage overhead transmission lines "TS-IEC 1089-CSA C49.1-ASTM B399-EN 50182 or customer standard.

    - OPWG(Opgwfiber optic ground wire) protects network from lightning and carries short circuit faults currents and with its fiber optic cable system controls and measures network and gives possibility to phone calls, data transmission and leasing or selling fiber over capacity.

    - ADSS( Adss all dielectric self supporting non-metallic fiber optic cables) eliminates occuring induction voltages and facilities to use mainly in existing transmision overhead line routes, for controlling, measuring network, phone calls, data transmission, leasing or selling over capacity.

    - ABC Alpek twisted cable with bare neutral messenger wires and black PE insulated aluminium conductor for low voltage distribution overhead lines"TS11654*SFS 2200 or customer standard.

    - Alpek-T- twisted cable with insulated neutral messenger wire, black HDPE insulated alum. conductor for low voltage distribution OHlines for tropical climates "TS11654*SFS 2200 or customer standard.

    - Alpek XT-twisted cable with insulated neutral messenger wire, black XLPE insulated alum. conductor for low voltage distribution OHlines for all climates "NF C 33-209*TS11654*SFS 2200 or customer standard.

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