General Manager's Comments

General Manager's Comments

Dear Customers and Partners,
I joined Tara Enterprise group companies in the year 2000. I co-operate with the team and aimed at introducing an innovative approach in the trade world in the Middle-East.

Tara Enterprise

It was indeed a response to urgent needs regarding re-building the infrastructure in the developing countries to meet new technology necessities for better living. For this purpose and under the management of our chairman, we prepared competent staff and supported with in-service training programmers to enable our enterprise to achieve the prescribed goals.

At the same time our system designed milestones to establish a firm bridge between avaliable resources in the Middle East countries and the most sophisticated technology of the west. We tried hard to orientate the investment policy to serve these goals to introduce new technology in industry so as to improve the living standard of the communities in these countries with special reference to enhance and support the industrial system in place. Working towards this end to achieve the identified strategies, plans are designed to work out the real needs in the Middle East area. For this purpose Tara Enterprise co-operated only and only with the world huge companies to serve this end. As a result, many great projects in energy came into existance demonstrating the improvement of living conditions in the Middle East to maintain high standard of performance. This achivement made us so proud, where we were a main part of the activities assisting and providing supplies and tools along with the technical consultation needed by our technical well trained staff. Tara's staff great role embodied in guaranty the establisment of modern techology in the different aspects so as to achieve the prescribed milestones in development.

General Manager & Asst. Chairman of Board of Directors
Eng.Mahmoud Elkhastroushi

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