Word by the Chairman

Word by the Chairman

Dear Customers, Partners and well-wishers;
When we founded Tara Enterprise (Tara İhr. İth. Ve Paz. Tic. Ltd. Şti.) in 1999 we not only believed that electrical filed technology could secure our place in the emerging market, but that also had potential in serving and updating our customers with the latest world technology.

Tara Enterprise

The question keep digging in our mind all the time is how to take our enterprise effectively to the global market. We understanded that this can be only achieved under a very systemical accurate management and Professional throughout the world market. Depending on this systemical issues we displayed en extraordinary efforts everywhere in this world to make sure what we supply will exactly meet the customers desire based on scientific trends that secured trade. This, of course, created acceptable results in the process of evaluation and quality control issues. On being very keen on satisfying our customers for provission of materials and high Standard quality, we only choose a multinational well known biggest companies of the world as a strategical partner.

Transparent with our customers had been always the key features of our success in the market. I truly appreciate and thank all our valuable customers for the courge and faith put on me and on my team.

I stand commiteed to continue to deliver value to our customers, our business partners and to every business organization dealing with us.

Chairman of Board of Directors
Dr. Hassan Elkhatroushi

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